Grilling Tips

Meater probe inside beef

How to Use a Meat Thermometer

By Jack Mancuso | January 26, 2023

How to use a meat thermometer: I always want my steak (or any other expensive meat) to come out perfectly. Who doesn’t? It’s heart-wrenching when you spend hours on a meal only to overcook or undercook the protein. Those mistakes also cost money.  To do that yourself, you, too, will…

Jack Mancuso with a smoker grilling ribs

How to Pick the Best Smoker

By Jack Mancuso | January 20, 2023

You step outside, and there’s a distinctive smell in the air. Someone nearby, like me, fired up their smoker, and your stomach growls. There’s a hint of maple and apple, perhaps also oak. Wonder what’s cooking?  It could be nearly anything like: Honey Smoked Salmon Shotgun Shells Chicken Breasts Pulled…

Cuso Cuts kitchen cleaver

Top Ten Grilling and Barbecue Tools

By Jack Mancuso | November 23, 2022

The more you grill, you realize that some tools make your job easier. Is it time to upgrade your grill and work toward mastery? I have my favorites. So today, I’m giving you my list of the top ten grilling and barbecue tools. With these implements, you’ll be able to…

Cuso Cuts Chef Knife and medium rare steak

Steak Temperatures

By Jack Mancuso | July 21, 2022

Everyone has a preference in how they liked their steak cooked, be it an amazing Tomahawk ribeye, luscious steak sandwich, or everything in between, there’s nothing quite so disappointing as cutting your steak open and finding it completely wrong. While restaurants may not have perfect standards for steak temperatures, you…

Chicken on white claw

Savory Smoked Chicken Breast

By Jack Mancuso | March 16, 2022

Smoked Chicken Breast The scent of savory smoked chicken breast as it cooks is part of its secret allure. It makes your mouth water (can it be done already?). Trust me when I say it doesn’t take too long, just a couple of hours, and you’ll end up with a…

Chef Cuso's blog T-bone steak vs Porterhouse steak

T Bone Steak vs. Porterhouse Steak

By Jack Mancuso | February 9, 2022

What are the differences between a T Bone Steak vs. Porterhouse Steak?  I savor steak as a year-round delight. Two of the most popular and pleasing steaks are T-bones and the Porterhouse. You look at them and they appear very similar. They even have similar tastes and textures. But, you…

How Long Does Charcoal Last?

By Jack Mancuso | September 21, 2021

You’re getting ready for a cookout and want to use charcoal this time. If you have a gas grill, you’ve probably gotten the feel for when the propane runs out. Let’s face it. Who wants to run out for propane in the middle of a fantastic barbecue session making carefully…

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