Frequently Asked Questions

What is Damascus Steel?

Damascus knives are knives made from Damascus steel. It is the technique used to make the steel that marks them as β€˜Damascus’ rather than any other part of the knife design. Damascus knives can be identified by the wavy, mottled pattern that runs through the blade.

Where are Cuso Cuts knives manufactured?

Cuso Cuts knives are handmade in Pakistan and shipped out of our home base in Idaho, USA.

Where are Cuso Cuts cutting boards manufactured?

Cuso Cuts cutting boards are handmade in California, USA.

How long does it take for items to ship?

2-3 business days on average (up to 5 business days depending on volume)

How do I care for knife blade?

Wash and dry immediately after use. Avoid abrasive cloths, polishes, or steel wool when cleaning. After drying the knife, we recommend you lubricate it with wax to prevent moisture from affecting the blade and will help it keep your knife rust-free and maintain its etched beauty. Sharpen when needed. Apply cooking oil to a towel and rub on the blade to give it a polished look.

How do I care for cutting board?

Wash and dry cutting board by hand after use when needed. Use liquid soap to wash the cutting board. Place hand-dried board on its side to finish air-drying. Don’t soak the cutting board in water for a long duration as it may cause the board to warp. Don’t put the cutting board in the dishwasher as the high heat may cause the board to warp, dry-out, and/or crack. Occasionally rub mineral oil or beeswax board cream into a dry cutting board to preserve and revitalize your board.

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