This knife is a show-stopping kitchen piece!

I was looking for a solid chef knife for a reasonable price for about a year. I was hesitant to pull the trigger on a few brands and when I saw the Cuso Cuts chef knife, I know I needed it. This knife not only cuts extremely well and consistently, but it’s also the most beautiful tool in my kitchen!


Immediately my favorite knife

I've bought and reviewed just about every chef knife you can find on social media. This is the first one that I performs as good as it looks. Usually, knives will either look good or perform well at this price point. But the Cuso Cuts chef knife does it all. I must say that I'm extremely impressed with the knife living up to the expectation.


This cutting board is beautiful and unique

Love the Cuso Cuts cutting board. It’s extremely versatile. Throw a steak straight from the grill on there to rest and the juice groove works perfectly. The details and quality of the wood make it perfect for serving my charcuterie as well. Highly recommend it for all types of cooks out there!


Never seen a better-looking knife!

This knife is so elite-looking! When I polish the blade it is by far the most beautiful thing in my kitchen.


Love the Cuso Cuts brand

I’ve followed Jack for years now and when he launched this brand I had to check it out. Recommend 10/10


Standout cutting board

This cutting board gives more than just a quality wood product. The thing is beautiful!


The ultimate BBQ knife!

I’ve been grilling for years and having a quality chef knife is everything. Something that can cut every type of meat is crucial. This knife consistently delivers each and every slice.


Knife perfect for any kitchen

I’ve worked in many kitchens over the years and this knife is built for any of them. I love using this knife for any cut in the kitchen. It cleans up extremely well and is stunning when hanging on the rack.


The most Instagramable products

I got the knife and the cutting board because I needed something for a little bit of everything in my kitchen. Every time I host I constantly get compliments on my knife and cutting board!


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