The Grillinator: Jack Mancuso

If there was ever anyone born to grill, It's Chef Cuso (Jack Mancuso). He is living proof that you don't need a culinary school to come up with ingenious, innovative, and inviting dishes, even on the fly. Mancuso graduated from Cal Poly San Louis Obispo as an engineer, making his living in that sphere until the BBQ bug hit hard. There was no cure, nor did he want one. He was hooked.

Jack began his journey among hungry friends at college. If you've ever been on a campus, you know word spreads like wildfire, especially when it's a menu that doesn't include ramen. Apparently, the entire university craved meats, LOTS, and LOTS of meat.

Where other sports lovers sit waiting for their game-day meal, he's preparing his grill and streaming imaginative creations so everyone can join in the fun. Jack has the ideal DNA (Diligence, Natural know-how, and Artistry), making him destined for a lifetime “license to grill.” It took him only 18 months to turn his passion into millions of followers on all social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

If you prefer a boring cook, Mancuso is not for you. Jack knows full well that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull guy.” He's a bad-ass in all the “good” ways. Jack's excited, eclectic, and wholly engaging. He even managed to convert his vegan girlfriend to eating meat. Sure, Mancuso could just stand there while the camera rolls and tell you about the traffic jam, but he'd rather hand you a plate of mouthwatering ribs or steak for the waiting!

There is no way to nail down his style because it transforms with his travels and experiences living by the motto: food changes life; life changes food. Mancuso's recipes have wild and bold flavors. He understands spice profiles, beer pairings, and how to handle the heat, literally.

In another life, he would have been the charismatic, cheeky swashbuckler with a turkey leg speared to his sword. Jack redefines barbecue and grilling in a manner that will inspire the next generations of foodies. They will be his legacy, seeing them go on to building whole new cooking concept communities, on and offline.

People who are coming into the social media food experience for the first time are in for an eye-opening adventure through the world of Grilling. It doesn't matter if you're 20 or 60, there's something for everyone! Because of this wide-ranging appeal, Chef has received prestigious TV and publishing offers. His strategic partnerships include known and trusted names, including:


That's quite the CV for long-term celebrity figures, let alone a man not even 30!

The Social Media Celebrity Chef world hasn't changed Jack. He's still working as an engineer, tending his relationship, loving his dogs, traveling the globe, celebrating sports, and, of course, keeping that barbecue flame alive. Don't blink. Before long, Jack Mancuso will be a backyard icon – the Man with the Golden Grill!


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