Best Flat-Top Grill of 2023

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Best Flat-Top Grill of 2023 - Cuso Cuts

When you are ready for a new grill, you might become overwhelmed with the choice available. A flat-top grill is among them. It’s pretty straightforward, being a large griddle. The size allows you to cook more than one part of your meal at a time. But which system is the best flat-top grill of 2023? Let’s face it, your grill is an investment. You want it to work right and consistently, so a little research can narrow your choices. We did a little digging and have crowned the best flat-top grill of 2023.

How to Chose a Flat-Top Grill

Think about what you usually cook on your indoor griddle and for how many people you generally cook. If you have a small family, look at two burner flat-tops. For a large family, you’ll want four.  Entertain all the time? Get a five-burner unit.

Next come the bells and whistles. What extras and features does the flat-top have? Look for good wheels with locks so you don’t move the grill accidentally. Are there any storage shelves or hooks? Is a cover included in the price (you WANT a cover for longevity)? How about a meat thermometer or scraper? The scraper lets you clean as you cook.

Review of some Best Flat-Top Grills of 2023

Pit Boss PB757GD Four Burner

This grill has side shelves and a fitted cover. It gives off 62,000 BTWs (push-and-turn style ignition) and has a drip cup for easy cleanup. The griddle is pre-seasoned, and the legs have a folding design for taking your grill with you. With 748 square inches, you can create 36 hamburgers (give or take). 

Traeger Flatrock™ Flat-Top Grill

You can trust Traeger to make a premium product. Beyond the griddle, you can use this flat-top grill for frying, steaming, searing, and sauteing . The Traeger Flat-top has specially designed cooking zones, so you have great temperature control for items that need to be cooked at different temperatures from one another. Love the fuel gauge. No more running out of propane.

Blackstone 36” Cooking Station

A cooking station with tons of room. You could cook 28 burgers and 72 hotdogs all at once. This unit comes with a built-in cutting board, side shelf, paper towel holder, and trash bag hooks. The Blackstone 36” has a battery-powered ignition button, both easy and functional. Want to take it with you? Just remove the griddle top and fold up the legs. The strong caster wheels will do the rest.

Razor Griddle – 4, 62000 BTU

Hungry? You can fit 57ish burgers on this flat-top at one time. This is a great system for camping and tailgating besides enjoying it in your backyard.  Clean-up is easy thanks to a custom grease management system. When you want to bring it with you, the shelves fold, and the lid locks. There are many options for what you can cook on the Razor Griddle including bacon, eggs, pancakes, steak, shrimp, tortillas, smash burgers, hash browns, and so much more.

And the Winner of the Best Flat-Top Grill of 2023: the Traeger Flatrock™

First impressions matter. Out of the box, this company has well-thought-out, organized packaging. Interior boxed parts are labeled with pictures. There’s no guesswork, and the grill goes together easily. You get 360-degree casters, all of which lock. Once you calibrate the system, you will always know when your gas gets low. All three burners go on instantly and cook evenly, maximum heat of 600F. The griddle top is heavy-duty and comes with a 5-year warranty. What’s not to love?

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