Chef Cuso's Holiday Gift Guide

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Chef Cuso's Holiday Gift Guide

The 2023 holiday season is here (wasn’t it just summer?). Searching through stores and websites can become daunting. With this in mind, Team Cuso and I always watch for products we can stand behind for present selections. These are also items I use regularly for grilling and smoking. 

If there is a griller, barbecue aficionado, or food smoker in your life, take a look at Chef Cuso’s Holiday Gift Guide.

Best Grills:

The Ironwood grills from Traeger saturate food with the flavor of wood-fired food. It’s designed for consistency, and you can customize it! It includes a grilling light, two meat probes, and a pellet sensor built-in. Take a look at how it works in the recipe for my No Wrap Barbecue Ribs.

A fantastic grill that offers versatility to the max. It has a touchscreen display, making it easy to use and maintain consistent temperatures. There’s also our cooktop for getting that perfect sear. Or you can use it for sauteing and frying. Observe the Timberline as I make aluminum-wrapped barbecue Ribs with Nacho Sauce.

Does one of your friends or family members love camping or tailgating? The Traeger Ranger is an ideal companion (heck, get one for yourself!). The porcelain-coated grill grates and griddle, along with a meat probe, are only the beginning of the qualities of this grill. You can see it in action during this Elk’s Cheese Steaks recipe.

Best Cooking Accessories

Good cutting boards save wear and tear on countertops and knife edges. And the Cuso Cutting Board isn’t just for grilling and barbecue. It’s useful for all kitchen cutting tasks. Our cutting board reflects the craftsmanship for which our line is known. Made from cherry wood, it measures 16” x 12” x ¾”.

Nothing is more disappointing than having food come out over or underdone. Meat thermometers like the Meater Gen 2 remove all the guesswork. It features a multisensor, Bluetooth coding, and it charges up quickly for that next course. It’s also waterproof! My Whisky Peppercorn Steak Sandwich recipe shows how I use it.

Best Place to Buy Meat

When you want the best of the best, go to Alpine Butchers. I get the vast majority of meat from them, with my favorites being Australian Wagyu tri-tip and Brazilian Picanha. Here are some recipe examples:

Best Chef Knife:

At the top of every cook’s wish list are good knives. If someone can only have one good knife, this is the one to get. Our Damascus Chef Knife is a work of art (the lucky recipient will want to display it when it’s not in use). Handcrafted from 65 Layers of VG10 Damascus, the look on a person’s face after opening the box is precious. 

Best Gift for a Family Member

All natural and filled with flavor, you can stock a person’s cupboards with spices perfect for grilling but also baking and beyond. The set includes Cuso Dirt Seasoning, Cuso’s Hot Honey Seasoning, Cuso’s Gravel Seasoning, Cuso's Tequila Lime Habanero Seasoning, Cuso's Spicy Garlic Buffalo Seasoning, and Cuso's Maple Bourbon Seasoning.

Best Stocking Suffers

There is something for everyone in our all-natural seasoning line. 

    1. Cuso's Dirt® Seasoning: Our inaugural blend; can you say, get out the steak? 
    2. Cuso's Hot Honey Seasoning: Heat meets sweet; pair with poultry or fish
    3. Cuso's Gravel Seasoning: Slightly hot, deeply smoky; sprinkle on beef. It makes a great crust.
    4. Cuso's Tequila Lime Habanero Seasoning: A Taste of the Tropics; brighten up fish and chicken
    5. Cuso's Spicy Garlic Buffalo Seasoning: Rich smoky garlic; add to compound butter or as a rub on steak
    6. Cuso's Maple Bourbon Seasoning: Caramel notes, savory; fantastic on pork and salmon
    7. Cuso’s Dust Seasoning: Builds great crust; try on fish
    8. Cuso’s Grass Seasoning: Use with chicken and root vegetables
    9. Cuso’s Coconut Rum: A taste of the islands, great on shrimp
    10. Cuso’s Lemon Pepper: Classic flavor; use with seafood and chicken


Best Grilling Apparel Item: 

A fashion-forward gift, wearable in many different settings. Durable and comfortable, they keep your eyes clear for focusing on the grill.

Mindful choices make memories. Our Cuso Team and I want to wish you the very best of holidays.

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