Buffalo Chicken Wing Detroit-Style Pizza

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Buffalo Chicken Wing Detroit-Style Pizza - Cuso Cuts

I am always trying to find new ways of making wings and pizza, but why not mash up two of the best foods on earth together? The result? Buffalo Chicken Wing Detroit Style Pizza. Here we’re taking deboned buffalo wings and putting them on deep-dish style pizza.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Detroit-Style Pizza Ingredients

Buffalo Chicken Wing Detroit-Style Pizza Instructions

  1. Deep fry the chicken wings until golden brown.
  2. Debone the wings, and toss them in a bit of hot sauce (I like Frank’s)
  3. Press the pizza dough into a lightly greased rectangular pan
  4. Press the de-boned chicken wing meat into the dough
  5. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, and basil, and then drizzle the hot sauce sparingly on top. 
  6. Add a layer of parmesan.
  7. Smoke at 400 degrees F, watching the dough carefully. It should be done in 45 minutes. 
  8. Top with blue cheese and more hot sauce

PitMaster: Type of Pizzas

The Buffalo Chicken Wing Detroit Style Pizza is but one adaptation in the long and creative history of pizza. A Neapolitan is the “original pizza with roots reaching to Italy in the 18th century. A typical Neopolitan pizza has a thin crust topped with dabs of fresh mozzarella, thin sliced tomato, fresh basil leaves, and olive oil. If the tip of a pizza slice heads downward, it wasn’t made right!

The New York-style pizza is a take on Neopolitan. The crust, however, isn’t quite as thin, so it can hold more toppings. The foundation of a New York pizza is just tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Some of the most popular toppings are garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and oregano. The New York pizza comes out best in a wood or coal-burning oven.

For an international take, there’s Greek Pizza. It features a chewy crust with a hard bottom. Go heavy on the sauce, strong with oregano. Top with feta, black olives, and red onion.

Still looking for more ideas? There’s my steak-crusted pizza or Mexican pizza. And don’t forget to try out our other Cuso BBQ Rubs to change things up a bit.


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