Chicharron Burnt Ends

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Chicharron Burnt Ends - Cuso Cuts

Chicharron Burnt Ends combines the concept of Spanish Chicharrone with traditional barbecue burnt ends. The result is a sticky, scrumptious treat you can put out for guests (don’t forget the toothpicks)

Chicharron Burnt Ends Ingredients

Chicharron Burnt Ends Instructions

  1. Lay out the pork belly
  2. Poke holes all over the fat side
  3. Cover with a layer of salt
  4. Let it sit for 24 hours in the fridge
  5. Scrape off the salt
  6. Finish cleaning off the salt with a paper towel (this step is essential. Otherwise your results will be very salty)
  7. Flip the pork belly over (meat side up)
  8. Carefully cut 2×2” squares without going through the fat (you want to keep it whole, like a mat). 
  9. Sprinkle Cuso’s Hot Honey all over the meat, getting into the cracks
  10. Smoke at 225 for 3 hours
  11. Remove and transfer to a baking sheet
  12. Brush white vinegar over the top of the skin
  13. Cook at 450 until the skin bubbles
  14. Cut and serve with a drizzle of honey barbecue sauce

PitMaster’s Memo: Chicharron

In Spanish, “chicharron” means crackling, which seems apt. Chichirron is a dish that features fried pork skin or belly. The recipes, of course, vary from region to region in Central and South America, with some using beef mutton. The process is a little different in that the belly is seasoned, then boiled, then dried, and finally deep fried. 

Chichirron is not considered a main course but rather a snack. Sometimes it may go into a stew with vegetables for something hardier. 


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