Deep Fried Steak

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Deep Fried Steak - Cuso Cuts

You may have never heard of deep-fried steak. In some ways, the idea seems contrary to traditional approaches for cooking an excellent cut of meat. However, I’m here to tell you this Deep Fried Steak recipe is out of this world. It comes out with a beautiful crust and ridiculously juicy center. 

For this deep-fried steak meal, I smoke the steak, deep fry it, and then make it into a burrito with Oaxaca cheese for a hand-held bite. You can certainly use other cheeses in this dish (mozzarella for one). If you seek an alternative, look for something that melts well.

What is Oaxaca cheese? 

There are over 1,800 types of cheese. Yes, really. I know, right? It’s not unusual for you to come across a cheese you don’t recognize in recipes.

You may know Oaxaca cheese by the name quesillo. It comes from Mexico and is semihard, very much like string cheese. The name derives from the state of Oaxaca where it originated. Dominican Friars settled in Oaxaca and brought their knowledge of string cheese processing with them. You will most likely find Oaxaca cheese in quesadillas and empanadas as part of the filling. 

Deep-Fried Steak Ingredients

  • 1 pound 1-inch thick steak (serves approx. 4)
  • Oaxaca Cheese
  • Mexican Green Sauce
  • Salsa
  • Burritos


  1. Set up your smoker for 225 degrees.
  2. Treat the steak with salt, pepper, and garlic.
  3. Smoke the steak until it reaches an internal temperature of 125 degrees F.
  4. Move the steak into a deep fryer fully heated to 450 degrees F.
  5. Carefully (and slowly) lower the steak into the oil.
  6. Once you see a crust form, remove the meat and let it set.
  7. Thinly slice the meat into suitable bite-sized morsels for a burrito using a Chef’s Knife.
  8. Lay out the burritos.
  9. Melt some cheese so it’s about the size of the burrito (a little smaller for folding).
  10. Lay the steak on the burrito.
  11. Cover with cheese, Mexican Green Sauce, and salsa.
  12.  Fold the burrito, and toast it lightly on both sides.
  13. Serve!

Pit Master’s Memo

Deep-fried steak may receive some raised eyebrows from your foodie friends, but you’re soon to convert them. Deep frying is hot and fast and creates a rich-flavored crust on all sides of the exterior.  Rib Eyes, in particular, take to this method with mouthwatering results. You can use a deep fryer or a skillet with high enough sides for plenty of oil. As long as you take care in how long you leave the steak in the oil (about 3 minutes tops), you’ll usually succeed in achieving medium-rare every time.  


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