Hangover Breakfast

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Hangover Breakfast - Cuso Cuts

The dreaded day after the night before. It can happen to anyone, especially around the holidays. Now, everyone has their “cure-all” for a hangover, but there are some things you can trust. 

  1. Eggs: The amino acids in eggs can help break down toxins like byproducts from alcohol. The proteins don’t hurt, either.
  2. Bananas: Alcohol has a diuretic effect. The rich potassium content in bananas can restore your electrolytes.
  3. Breads: Toast, crackers, and rolls are gentle on your stomach and high in carbs. Carbs improve the balance of blood sugars in your system.
  4. Mellon bites: Light and tasty, you can nibble a bit at a time until your stomach is ready for heavier fare.
  5. Oatmeal: Beyond being comforting, oatmeal has complex carbs, which stabilize blood sugar levels. Add a little fruit and honey, and it improves your energy, too. 
  6. Yogurt with a little ginger and pineapple. Ginger is a natural way to settle your stomach. The yogurt is good for “gut health.” Pineapple reduces hangover inflammation. 

From Jack’s Hangover Favorites

I’ve tried a lot of approaches to a hangover, but there are a few that top my list. The first is the Garbage Plate. As the name implies, there’s everything but the kitchen sink on these plates. Burgers, fries, macaroni salad, cheese, franks, fried eggs… well, you get the idea. 

You can come up with a blend of your own, but the binder for the whole thing is a Rochester-style hot sauce. Now, knowing you’re not going to want to make yourself at the moment, take some hot sauce, ground beef, and garlic mixed with Worcestershire for a pinch-hit. 

Second on the list are my bacon, egg, and cheese master munchies. One recipe uses bacon, eggs, and cheese on a cinnamon roll. It’s ideal for people who like sweet and savory in one bite. For a more traditional approach, I use bacon, eggs, hash browns, and cheese on croissants. Or go wild and make grilled sausage breakfast bread! Sweet peppers, onion, chives, egg, and sausage, all poised for your first bite on a ciabatta loaf.


Skip them. You don’t want to eat too heavily right now. Warm up to a little more food later.


While sweets may not really help, you can try

Coconut-chocolate smoothie


Grilled fruit skewers

Honey-butter biscuits

Mint Mousse


Coconut juice or water

Ginger tea with lemon

Peppermint tea

Sports drinks


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