How to Make a Corned Beef Breakfast Burrito

  • By: Jack Mancuso

How to Make a Corned Beef Breakfast Burrito - Cuso Cuts

Breakfast can get boring. Eggs, toast, bacon, cereal, rinse and repeat. Why not jazz things up a bit? Try my Corned Beef Breakfast Burrito, which is one of the best breakfast burritos I’ve made. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this recipe. It’s got lots of elbow room for creativity. Change up the cheeses and the mayo flavors, and swap out salsa for street corn dip. 

The beauty of these bundles of goodness is that they are “make-ahead breakfast burritos.” You can wrap them individually for grab-and-go mornings. They also freeze quite well. 


  • 1 lb corned beef
  • 1 lb frozen hash brown potatoes
  • Beef tallow
  • 2 eggs each (whole or scrambled)
  • Cheese
  • Pepper Mayo
  • Burrito wraps (large)
  • Avocado
  • Salsa dip (optional)


  1. Chop up the corned beef.
  2. Grab a bag of hash browns and start browning it on a Traeger griddle. Use beef tallow (if possible) for your oil. Otherwise, vegetable does the trick.
  3. Once the potatoes are lightly crispy, add in the corned beef.
  4. Mix up everything.
  5. Leave it on the griddle on low while you prepare the eggs
  6. Fry or poach two eggs per burrito
  7. Lay out a burrito wrap and put the corned beef mix in the middle (leave room at the edges for folding up tightly)
  8. Top it with your eggs and mayo
  9. Turn the eggs over (bottom side up)
  10. Wrap the burrito and sear it on each side.
  11. It’s ready to eat
  12. Serve with whatever dip you wish

PitMaster’s Memo: Burrito vs. Taco vs. Chimichangas

When you go to the store, you’re going to find several types of wraps. How do they differ? Where a taco is folded, a burrito is rolled. Burritos often include rice, which is rare in tacos. Enchiladas are soft tacos slathered in sauce. 

Chimichangas go to the deep fryer. Some myths say that chimichangas came about quite by accident. Someone dropped a burrito into the deep fryer, and a new taste sensation was born. 

Fajita is a type of taco filled with seared meat and grilled vegetables. It comes with sides like refried beans and sour cream. 


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