Jagermeister BBQ Sauce Injected Chicken

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Jagermeister BBQ Sauce Injected Chicken - Cuso Cuts

If you’ve worked with chicken as I have, you already know the meat may dry out during cooking or grilling. The coveted breast has the higher risk here. Injecting the chicken not only keeps the meat moist but brings full flavors to the table. So, this Jagermeister BBQ sauce-injected chicken should obtain rave reviews. 

Injecting the Chicken

When you inject a chicken, you want to focus on several points all over the bird. You are looking for even distribution. Should you be short on time, don’t want to go crazy, just inject the legs and breast.

Jagermeister BBQ Sauce Injected Chicken Ingredients (feeds 4-6 people)

1 whole 4-pound chicken

1 cup Jagermeister

1 cup spicy barbecue rub

1 tsp Cuso’s Hot Honey BBQ rub

1 tsp Cuso’s Smoky Garlic Buffalo BBQ rub

1 tsp Cuso’s Lemon Pepper BBQ rub


  1. Heat the smoker to 250 F. 
  2. Spatchcock the Chicken using a Chef’s Knife or Cleaver
  3. Inject the sauce evenly into the chicken about ¾” deep
  4. SLOWLY release the sauce into the chicken. If you go too fast, it will leak out.
  5. Move the injector over about 1 ½” over and repeat all around the bird
  6. Use excess as a binder
  7. Sprinkle the surface of the bird with all three barbecue rubs
  8. Smoke until the internal temperature is 160 (about 35 minutes)
  9. Let the chicken rest for 10 minutes before carving

Pit Master’s Memo

If you’ve never worked with an injector before, you might be a little “iffy. Don’t worry. The process is simple, and meat injectors are very affordable, coming in at around $20. Try to find a stainless steel injector. Because injectors come in contact with the meat, stainless makes clean-up easier and safer. You don’t want cross-contamination. If you look around the culinary world, you see stainless everywhere. Why? Besides food safety, stainless lasts longer than many other types of metal. Also, if you can find a set with a variety of injector sizes, it’s a prize! You’ll be able to make a larger range of marinades. You can use the smaller sizes in baking for filling things like a cupcake.

Jagermeister BBQ Sauce Injected Chicken


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