Peaches n Cream Pork Pinwheels

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Peaches n Cream Pork Pinwheels - Cuso Cuts

When I look at a meat pinwheel, I found myself wondering about the first person who thought to hammer out a piece of pork or beef, then roll it up for cooking. No matter who it was, the resulting presentation is a feast for the eyes. Peaches n cream pork pinwheels are no exception.

They are juicy, tender, and colorful. They take a little time to put together, but the end result is worth it. Every bite explodes with rich flavors. And, since you cut it in ½” coins, you can toss leftovers on bread the next day for a sandwich. 

All About Brie

The Peaches n Cream Pork Pinwheels recipe calls for brie as a filling and a topper. Brie is a pale cheese with a white rind. It’s made from cow’s milk and has a soft consistency. The longer Brie ages, the more potent it becomes. It can,  however, overripen. If you open a package of Brie and it smells heavily of ammonia, it’s gone bad. 

Brie cheese being sliced

Flavor Notes

Buttery, earthy, a little fruity, and mild. Similar to Camembert

Peaches n Cream Pork Pinwheels: Ingredients (Serves 6)

3 lb pork loin

2 fresh peaches

¼ cup fresh basil (give or take)

Cuso’s Hot Honey BBQ Rub

Brie (plain or herbed)


Bourbon barbecue sauce


Instead of using butcher’s twine, you could make a bacon weave for this recipe.  Replace barbecue sauce with peach preserves.

Pork and cheese pinwheel being sliced


  1. Slice the peaches, leaving the skin, ¼” thick.
  2. Put them on the grill and cook until you have lightly browned grill marks.
  3. Prepare the pork loin (you’ll need a meat hammer). 
  4. Butterfly the meat using a Chef’s knife.
  5. Place it on a large cutting board and pound it out evenly, fat side down.
  6. Treat both sides with barbecue rub.
  7. Lay the peaches evenly on the loin.
  8. Slice brie, and top the peaches with it.
  9. Gently roll the meat away from you, keeping it as tight as possible.
  10. Secure in 3-4 places with butcher’s string, so everything stays put while you’re cooking.  
  11. Smoke the pork at 225 for 2.5-3 hours (internal temperature 140F).
  12. Rest the meat for 10 minutes.
  13. Serve in ½” thick medallions. 

PitMaster’s Memo

If you’re not familiar with butterflying your pork loin, you’ll need a sharp boning-style knife. Put the fat side up. Make a lengthwise cut into the loin, but be careful not to cut through it. Leave about ½-1” at the bottom uncut. Open the roast using both hands (place them as if you were holding an open book). From here, you go on to pound the pork with a meat mallet until you achieve an even thickness.


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