Sweet and Spicy Wings

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Sweet and Spicy Wings - Cuso Cuts

Chicken wings. They’ve become a beloved game-day food, but sometimes it’s nice to change up your flavors. These sweet and spicy wings are surprising because they include peanut butter whisky as an ingredient (yes, something other than beer!).

An Age-Old Argument: Flats vs. Fats

Is there one part of the wing you like best? The flat is also called a wingette. It gets its name from the flat surface. There are more bones than the drum, which you can separate while eating. These are great for people who like crispy skin. Generally, flats outsell fats 3 to 1.

The fats look like a small version of a drumstick, and it comes from the upper wing. Drums have meat. Fat, juicy meat, and crispy skin make for a great bite. There’s no real winner here except for what you like (hey, use this recipe for experimentation!)


Sweet and Spicy Wings Instructions

  1. Pat the wings dry with paper towels
  2. Sprinkle them on all sides with Custo’s Spicy Garlic Buffalo BBQ Rub
  3. Char them on the grill
  4. Deep fry at 350 degrees until they reach 165F
  5. Strain on paper towels or a cooling rack
  6. While those sit, make your sauce
  7. Melt the butter
  8. Add the whisky carefully, it may flare up
  9. Add some of Cuso’s Hot Honey BBQ Rub
  10. Pour the sauce of the wings OR serve it on the side for dipping

PitMaster’s Memo: Winging it.

Wing tips are made of long bones (phalanges), skin, and cartilage. That means they have little meat. You can certainly cook them the same way since there are always a few people who like to nibble on them. 

But what about the rest? With the thought of waste not, want not, use them for making stocks. Note, however, that some manufacturers pre-cut the wing tips off to save you money (and extra weight in the bag).


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