Cuso's Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Cuso's Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned - Cuso Cuts

Great food deserves equally great drinks. I’ve shared my Tequila Lime habanero Margarita, made with Cuso’s specialized seasonings. Today, let’s look at an Old Fashioned Cocktail.

The International Beverage Association recommends 1.5 oz. Bourbon or rye whisky, 1 sugar cube, approximately 3 dashes bitters, and 3 dashes water. Serve over ice with an orange rind garnish.

My recipe is pretty much the same, but for a few twists (you knew there had to be some, right?).

Cuso’s Old Fashioned Ingredients

  • White sugar
  • Cuso’s Maple Bourbon Rub
  • Sugar cube
  • 1 oz water
  • 1.5 oz bourbon
  • Dash of bitters
  • ½ oz maple syrup
  • Orange peel garnish


  1. Rub the top of the glass with an orange slice, then dip into a mixture of sugar and Cuso's Maple Bourbon spice (50/50)
  2. Put the sugar cube in the old-fashioned glass
  3. Soak it in bitters and water
  4. Muddle until dissolved
  5. Fill the glass with ice
  6. Add whisky and maple syrup
  7. Garnish with orange
  8. If you are feeling really frisky, add some candied bacon

Mixologist’s Memo

The Old-Fashioned recipe developed in the 19th century, receiving its name in the 1880s. People make it with other alcohol instead of whisky, including rum, tequila, bourbon, and gin. There is also a honey-based old-fashioned, a heated old-fashioned (like a Hot Toddy), and one sweetened with brown butter.

Enjoy your drink with things like

Apricot Cake

Bacon-wrapped figs

Baked Brie with honey and nuts

Peach-glazed pork

Smoked Deviled Eggs


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