How to Cook Sausages in the Oven

  • By: Jack Mancuso

How to Cook Sausages in the Oven

Baked Sausage

Sausage sometimes seems like an afterthought. Oh, we’re grilling. Hotdogs, burgers, corn…wait, we have sausage too! Sausage can be a meal unto itself, a side dish, or an appetizer (cutting them into 1-inch pieces with honey mustard dipping sauce, for example).

Believe it or not, pork sausage has health benefits. It’s high in protein, B-12, Iron, and Niacin. There is also selenium, which supports a healthy immune system. Some people swear on it as an effective part of a hangover cure

Sampling Some Sausage Types:

  • Bratwurst: A German product with high-quality pork with pronounced herb flavors. Grilling gives it a great crunch. 
  • Breakfast: The perfect compliment to waffles or pancakes. A sweet and spicy blend of brown sugar, sage, red pepper flakes, and marjoram. 
  • Chicken: A pork alternative with sage, parsley, and other herbs.
  • Chorizo: Spicy! Includes Spanish smoky paprika (giving it a distinct color).
  • Italian: A bold sausage, especially Hot Italian. Flavor profiles include garlic, basil, oregano, and onion.
  • Kielbasa: A traditional Polish sausage with a distinct flavor and texture that sets it apart from Bratwurst. Smoky with a hint of garlic. 

Of course, people who love making sausage tinker with flavors. You can find chicken with feta, kielbasa with jalapeno, maple breakfast sausages, Asian fusion, beef n’ garlic, and so forth.

The Difference Between Sausage & Hot Dogs

When pondering how to cook sausage in the oven, you may wonder what the difference is between sausage and hot dogs. I have a secret…hot dogs are really sausages, too. 

Sausages ‌have a higher fat content, and their ingredients differ spice-wise. Also, hot dogs have a uniform size. The hot dog is actually a Westernized version of German wieners.

Cooking Sausage in the Oven?

Sausage isn’t just for grill outs. Baking them indoors does them justice, too. Your cooking time for food safety is around 30 minutes (155-165F) at 400F. If the sausage is frozen, it will need about 15-20 minutes more. Note: the thickness of your sausage affects cooking time, so use a meat thermometer.

Grab your chosen sausage, and let’s get cooking.

How to Cook Sausage in the Oven

  1. Preheat your oven to 400F
  2. Line a baking tray with parchment (trust me, you’ll thank me when you clean up)
  3. Lay the sausage on the paper in one layer, making sure they do not touch. 
  4. Bake, turning halfway through so the sausage gets evenly brown. 
  5. For crispier skin, use the broiler for 2 minutes. 

You really can’t get simpler.

Tip: Cook in bulk. Once the sausages are cool, place them in the oven on a fresh baking pan, separated. Freeze them completely and transfer them into a food storage bag for “any time” cooking!

PitMaster’s Memo: Let’s get Saucy

You can add all kinds of condiments to your sausage, like onions and peppers, but sauce is also a great way to personalize your meal.

To use a sauce in the oven, put ½ of it on the sausage at the start of cooking and the other ½ at the end with a quick finish under the broiler.

What kind of dipping sauce could you use?

  • Beer and mustard sauce

  • Buffalo sauce

  • Horseradish dip

  • Mango Chutney

  • Peanut sauce

  • Pineapple salsa

  • Pico de Gallo

  • Plum sauce


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