Pellet Grill Baby Back Ribs

  • By: Jack Mancuso

Pellet Grill Baby Back Ribs - Cuso Cuts


It’s time to rev. up the baby Traeger pellet grill for my baby back ribs. Not to be outdone here, you’ll be making not one, not two, but THREE racks with different taste sensations. Make sure people come to this event hungry! The best part of this dish is that people can test out three different flavor profiles using spices from our shnazzy, high-quality Cuso line.

These ribs are succulent, tender, and juicy and have the crust you crave.

Baby Back Ribs vs. Spare Ribs

When you’re in the meat market trying to make a decision between various types of ribs, it helps to know a little about them. Baby back ribs come from the part of the pig’s ribs just beneath the loin. This placement means the meat didn’t get as much of a workout. So they’re leaner and more tender. An average rack of baby backs is around 2 pounds. Plan on ½ pound servings per person. 

Spare ribs come from the area adjacent to the pig’s breastbone. They’re meatier than baby back ribs and have more marbling. The average size rack is ⅖-⅗ pounds. Plan on ¾ pound servings per person. 


3-racks equally sized baby back ribs

Yellow mustard

Custo’s Gravel Seasoning

Cuso’s Smoky Garlic Buffalo Seasoning

Cuso’s Maple Bourbon Seasoning

Cuso’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Ingredients Sauce

⅓ stick of Butter

1 tbsp. Hot honey Sauce

1 tbsp Cholula 


  1. Set your pellet grill to 200 F
  2. Pat the ribs dry using paper towels
  3. Slather the mustard binder on all three racks
  4. Sprinkle them lightly with Cuso’s Gravel Seasoning.
  5. Smoke for 3 hours
  6. Melt the butter, adding the honey and Cholula
  7. Baste the ribs with the sauce
  8. Turn up the smoker to 300 
  9. Continue cooking until you’re happy with the crust.
  10. Cut them into sets or individual ribs for serving

PitMaster’s Memo: In a Bind

As you read grilling recipes, you’re going to stumble over binders all the time. Using a binder helps spices stick to the meat and retain moisture. There are a lot of options for binding agents other than yellow mustard, including.

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Applesauce
  • Beer
  • Coarse ground mustard
  • Honey mustard
  • Hot sauce
  • Maple syrup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Melted butter
  • Olive oil
  • Steak sauce
  • Wine

Make sure to pat your meat dry before applying the binder, followed by seasonings.


Chipotle honey sweet chips

Cheese sticks with marinara

Cous Cous corn

Mustard parmesan Brussels

German potato salad


Blackberry tequila cocktail 


Brown Ale


Spiked strawberry lemonade

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